Through a multidisciplinary practice that bridges sound, video and photography my installation will tackle the human agenda of faith in relation to technology. The Believers investigates the act of religious ritual and worship – the way people give up their authority to a higher power – to construct identity, to maintain relationships, and to gain power.

I have travelled the Middle East for 25 years and I am particular interested in the Holy Land as a pilgrimage for the traditional religions, and the new – that of the mighty Algorithm of Data. ‘Record-Upload-Share’ is the new religious service, globally our lives are illuminated and connected by screens. My use of images and sound are a means of presenting a paradigm and as a tool for identification.

The Believer’s visual and sound elements are edited, designed and composed to integrate in the unique architecture and acoustics of the former Dome-prison in Breda (de ‘Koepelgevangenis).

The exhibition will be premiered at the BredaPhoto Festival in September 2018 in the south of Holland, and has been made possible with the generous help of the Forhanna foundation. But without the help – of family, friends, colleagues, and those who embrace photography or the message of my work – we will not be able to construct this 27-screen video wall in this unique location that will let us experience that – ultimately – we are all believers. Donate and help me finance the 27 screens that will bring my work to life!

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