Webinar 3 Tell Your Story

How do you tell visual stories in photobooks?

Webinar # 3 – Effects of a new reality

In this third talk, story editor Marc Prüst continues his ‘lecture’ on visual stories.
The Corona crisis has affected many people worldwide, it seems to be redefining our society. In this lecture we introduce photographic projects that reacted to another crisis with a huge impact on Japanese society; the tsunami of 11 March 2011. 

Visual stories in photobooks

A semi-live talk on different storytelling formats in photobooks.

Through a collection of photobooks he shows various formats of photographic story formats, such as the typology, the portfolio, and the narrative.

This presentation is part of the Tell Your Story project that includes a research into business and distribution models for documentary photographers, a publication with the results and a practical manual on how to develop a photographic project.